Zoho for offline

Zoho has come-up with offline functionality for its Zoho Writer which means you can browse Zoho documents offline (just browsing for now). They will be adding functionality to modify documents offline in next few weeks – as told. Plugin for browser (IE / Firefox) will have to installed to take advantage of this functionality and then you can select Go Offline option from the navigation pane of Zoho Writer. They have embedded the video over the post to help you setup the environment.



The offline URL will go like http://writer.zoho.com/offline.


The interesting point here is that the platform over which this feature is built upon comes up from the Zoho’s rival – Google. Zoho has built it over Google Gears. Zoho office has been in competition with Google Docs & Spreadsheets.


When Google can think of competing with Microsoft over their own platform by building applications like Google Desktop, here is another player believing in similar strategies.

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