Use Ziki to search people in easiest way

You have heard about Web 2.0, you know about meta data – the building blocks of any database.


What if you want to search for meta data of Web 2.0? You will need a powerful engine which can make this task as much easy for you as you can think of. Here is one I came across.


ziki Ziki is all about finding and discovering people (yes they do both as mentioned!). And above that, it is powered by people – after all, what a search engine means. is a next generation search engine focused on people, powered by people.
Be visible. Create your official Web page and be listed in top search results for
Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Be part of the Ziki community and network with others for free.


It boasts of helping you in searching people in / for different areas / ways –


  • For professional research : To identify potential business partners, customers or employers;
  • For personal research : To track down an old friend, former colleague, or to learn more about relatives and family;
  • For fun : To research celebrities, find out more about social groups or meet like-minded people.



This service is very similar to Naymz but then it is absolutely free for almost all the features in Naymz. Also it is AJAX powered although it is working a bit slowly here in India. As there are already many people search engines in place, what makes Ziki different is another question which may come to your mind. They answer –

Ziki enables users to create an official webpage (a ziki) which is guaranteed to appear as a top search result on Google, Yahoo! and MSN. This allows our members to create, manage and optimize their online presence & identity.

Ziki offers its members free networking with other members of the Ziki community ? for personal or professional connections.

Now that’s is absolutely new in this space. What can one expect more than improving the SEO ranking of oneself and at the same time, possessing a personal info page and opportunity to connect with rest of the popular people around. You are asked different details about you including keywords in order to increase your search result possibilities. It is kind of self-promotion, social-network and Tumblelog at one place – have I told you they have publishing section where you can publish any kind of web-content which is supported by Tumblelogs.


myziki I have entered my part of information to see how it works, what about you?

You can connect to me there @

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