Spam on the name of Gmail

Latest way to spam – kinda groundbreaking. They send you mail for free upgrading your email account to 10 GB and most of us click on the link withour reading any further – of course space is always important, be it online or offline. And when it is mentioning Gmail, from Gmail team and, crafted in much the same way as usual Google mails are, chances are that it wouldn’t be fake. Definitely a prank by someone intelligent enough to take care of all this has come up with this excellent example for other spammers! Here is how mail looks like –


gmail spam


Dear Gmail customer
From now if you need more than 2 GB of space use this invitation and upgrade your account to 100 GB of space also you can register one free domain name via this invitation
your account upgrade will done after 24 hours
your invitation code is:
Thank You
Gmail Support Department

It directs you to which has been brought down – may be digg effect 😛 (they might not have expected this).

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