iPhone keyboard is slower

iPhone touch-screen keyboard is twice as slow as other phones – According to a survey conducted by Chicago-based consulting firm User Centric. The survey included texters sending messages on regular interval and measuring their typing speed. It included just 20 participants. The on-scree iPhone keyboard resembles qwerty layout and I can understand that it doesn’t take much time to get working with same layout over which you have been working for years – I am also experiencing it these days and it is going quite easy!


iphone keyboard


In general, participants took longer to enter text messages on the iPhone than on their own phone. Despite the keyboard similarities, QWERTY phone users took nearly twice as long to enter comparable messages on the iPhone compared to their own phone. On the other hand, multitappers did not experience a significant difference in the time it took them to type messages on the iPhone. (Multitap text entry usually takes about 2 times as long as QWERTY text entry). Participants also made more typing errors on the iPhone. This phenomenon was expected since users had much more experience with their own phones.


Speed is one thing which matters when you have so many thoughts to put down and I think  6630 is simple enough for me right now 🙂 

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