Changes in latest version of Windows

These are the changes that I have come across while playing with Windows Vista – the latest version of Windows from Microsoft. of course, it isn’t the complete list but the one I noticed.

Some of them are good whereas others are annoying to me and I don’t know what made Microsoft to make them!


  • The interface is very much glossy and attractive.
  • Search functionality is just at its best and I hadn’t expected to be more faster when you are provided with such good organized result display – I don’t think Google Desktop is required anymore for desktop search when gadgets are also included along-with Vista. Microsoft definitely learns a lot from competition and Google leaves things un-patented at places :-|.
  • Alt + Enter doesn’t work anymore for the folder selected in left pane of Windows Explorer (it works in same old way for the ones selected in right pane)
  • Skip and option to repeat action for all the files as check box is a nice change.
  • If you just navigate in Windows Explorer using keyboard, selected folder isn’t opened automatically as and when it is selected with key but when enter / return key is pressed.


So far I am loving exploring this OS as I came across a quote recently and it sounded quite true –


Today or Tomorrow, you have to switch to Windows Vista, then Why Not Now.




It also added proper Hindi font support oterwise you might have noticed the misalignment of fonts in different browsers because of ambiguous Unicode support. E.G. My Firefox browser never displayed Hindi Fonts correctly over Windows XP but same version of browser is displaying them rightly over Vista. And now I can easily read/write Hindi in browser – ????? ????!

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