On personal notes –


I had always this urge to visit almost every part of Indian Capital – Delhi, popularly known as Dilli (as pronounced in national language – Hindi), since the very first time I lived here 3 years back. By the time I went out of Delhi in that year itself, I knew much of New Delhi but still wanted to be knowing Old Delhi – the original Indraprastha.


For last one and half year at Gurgaon, I couldn’t go to Delhi at all, although I wanted to and it was too close. And once I started exploring Delhi, the old Delhi, I got more and more inquisitive to visit all those ones across Yamuna river (region known as Jamna Par). I think I had never roamed as much as I have in Delhi in past couple of weeks. Its been so much pleasure to know about the places I had been reading in books during childhood studies (of course they are always nostalgic and you always miss them) or the places named as Kad Kad Duma, Krishna Nagar, Lakshmi Nagar, Patpat Ganj etc – the ones phonetic with the places mentioned in Hindi comics 🙂 (I was a great lover of them when I was a kid).


By now, I have, once again, become much familiar with capital to be asked for any guidance on ways of capital except the one, the most complicated to me – way back from Connaught Place to Dhaula Kuan. I have always to ask for direction on that way from the people here who are quite nice to tell you the ways out of courtesy, and on this Sunday, it was the most difficult as it was raining like anything in the evening on the roads of Delhi. I just wanted to thank that fellow biker journalist named Balram who met me on the way when it was quite dark and he was nice enough to help me out in figuring out the way in that stormy night. It was great time getting wet while tracing out the way in rain!


Sometimes you come across individuals who influence you enough by their goodness to make you get better with time.

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