Most Innovative free technologies

A list of all time best 20 free tech products which helped in shaping the future of technology, is put out by Jim Rapoza. In his words,


I’ve put together this list of 20 free products and technologies that proved to be innovative and that ended up changing the future of technology. Some were open source, some were freeware, and some started out free, flirted with commercial models and then returned to free status. But in all cases, users of these technologies got quite a bit of value from them. In fact, they got quite a bit more than what they paid for, even if they had paid a lot more than nothing.

The list, in brief, includes –

  1. Apache
  2. Bittorrent
  3. BSD
  4. DNS
  5. Doom Demo
  6. Instant Messaging
  7. Linux Kernel
  8. Napster
  9. NCSA Mosaic
  10. Nessus
  11. Perl
  12. PGP
  13. Sendmail
  14. USENET
  15. The Web
  16. Web Search Engines
  17. Wikis
  18. Winamp
  19. XML
  20. ZIP

I myself agree with this list but Nessus???

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