Chak De India

Got to watch first day second show of Chak De India today. It is a nice movie to see if you like games. A story inspired from real-life story of former Indian Hockey goalie – Mir Ranjan Negi, who was charged with allegations of match fixing after India lost to Pakistan in 1982 Asian Games. Seven years later Negi’s honor was restored when he was absolved of the charges. He coached the national women’s hockey team to win gold at the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games.


The music of movie is just average with just 1-2 good tracks and a bonus dialogue track from Shahrukh (I don’t know how that going to work for album anyway). The characters in movie are chosen quite carefully – you may find few good old actors like and new upcoming talented actors in form of hockey players.


Chak De India2

Although the story is inspired from true incidents, the drama seems to be inspired from hollywood movies based on sports like Coach Carter.


Anyway, good movie to watch for sport lovers but don’t expect any major love story or any main actor but you can find some motivational stuff!!


Rating: 7.5/10

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