1.2 TB laptop drives from Fujitsu

Fujitsu announced that it has become successful to created 1+ TB 2.5″ noebook drives. The exact capacity of drive is 1.2 TB.


?This technology achievement is a major leap for the industry and confirms Fujitsu?s position as a research leader on the path to one Terabit/in2,? said David James, vice president, advanced product engineering, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. ?Fujitsu is the first company to demonstrate read/write signals in individual ideally ordered alumina nanohole using a flying head for measurement. With the growing demand for hard drives with high capacities, especially in small form factors, one Terabit/in2 would enable potential storage capacities of up to 1.2TB on a 2-platter 2.5? drive. We expect this breakthrough to provide revolutionary changes for various IT and consumer applications.?

For me, it is still unbelievable!

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