hot share

In short, hot share provides a place to share anything to everything without any worries. On this website, you can share any file up to 200 MB in size (that is the only limit). There is no other limit. You can upload as much stuff as much you want. And you can download as much as you want. No time / wait limit. Files will be hosted for always if there is at least one download in every 30 days. Files are password protected in order to facilitate their deletion :|.


hot share


You are not charged anything. You can yourself check how fast this website is. Just the best sharing website that I can say, for now.


With you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash on the same place and as long as they remain active they can be downloaded unlimited time!


HotShare offers a fast and simple way to share files. All files web hosting are on powerful and stable linux dedicated servers! Our servers are managed by professionals who know what they’re doing.


On the downside, it would had been better if there had been a private / user area.

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