If you haven’t heard about this search engine, here is a chance to know about it in simple words about it –


FindForward provides you an interface using which you can get Google search results in well formatted way.


For example, you search for the phrases/words which are used along-with your search terms. It uses Google API and completely dependent on Google search results.


This engine is developed by Philipp Lenssen, full time web developer from Germany and a Google researcher (I think it can be said at this stage when his Google Blog is already more than 5 years old).


FindForward act as a filter for Google search. If you are an advanced Photoshop user, you know how handicapped Phooshop is, without filters.




How about searching for nitesh with Wildcard Word filter? It tells me that Gautam is one step behind Dhanjani :).

And when you search for netgautam – it clearly states that it is mostly used with Search, Com, Posts, Blogspot and Blogs – after all it is an online identity and FindForward is pretty accurate in that case.

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