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I don’t know but every Monday starts with some different feelings after a great weekend. This time, weekend had started earlier than it actually commenced. Got to watch the latest flicks.


Partner – Watched Partner on Thursday evening with Rajinder at Sahara Mall – it was after long time when I had entered into this PVR. Movie is pretty good specially when Govinda has come after long time. He is the one who get credit to make this movie lively…there are some scenes where you find yourself not in control of your laughs. Really liked the role of Stupid Bhaskar played by him. Salman Khan is just for filling a gap in movie and no place for actresses except the songs :). Overall, movie was really god and have been advicing to anyone asking about it.


Rating – 7.5/10


Cash – Just stunts and music but no story at all. Stunts are just fabulous but mostly unbelievable and where it seems like such stunts can’t be performed by actors, Director has roped in the animated counter-parts of stars to perform them. Wasn’t good to see such experinced actors like Ajay, Ritesh and Jayad doing all this non-sense (Esha and Shamita are still understandable :P).


Rating – 3/10


And Pankaj left for a year and flew out of India!

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