Meaningful Blogging

If you blog, your blogging has to be meaningful i order to get attention and those places where you think, you are not getting enough attention, there is no need to waste much of your efforts there.


This is what Steve writes when he talks about his short and long blogging experience in last 3 years. Quite interesting observations and also the change in trends over blogosphere plus how you can transform yourself with the waves!


Thanks to micro-blogging and social networks Web 2.0 is now more about rapid exchanges and it’s very mobile too.


…when I do post on this site it is more substantive and meaningful and it incorporates my learnings from the conversations I have had elsewhere.


Where this goes in the long term is unclear, but right now the short and long are working together in harmony – at least that’s how I see it.


One small question – Is it necessary to blog every single day for three years at stretch when you know that you can enjoy your weekends and holidays without expending thought over anything in this world 🙂 – the only time to sleep sincerely and sleep figuring out more new ways to sleep :P.

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