Many Lives Many Masters

Finished reading another book in these days – Many Lives Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss. It seems like I am getting into the reading habit once again after years. If you believe in incarnation, then you can be suggested to read this book because no where in the book, author tries to make you believe that incarnation is a reality.


I was suggested to read this book and it kind of introduced me to few new things because I have already been reading such stuff since childhood (specially those religious scriptures which aren’t complete without such stuff and I am fond of reading stories ;)).


A good book written by a person who never believed in incarnation and through this book, he tells about the debts carried through different births via example of his patient who changed his perception about life. The best thing for me was that it wasn’t pretty big in size to think about finishing it off. So I did that. I would definitely suggest this book if someone asks me for a good read.


One thing which affects you is that you get isolated from rest of world and don’t have any time for thinking about new ideas when you are reading some stuff – so it is always better to read stuff which increases your ability to think much better and preceive things better :).

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