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Frocca is a Web 2.0 startup about exchanging and sharing the knowledge & expertise. The users are provided with a platform to put forth their ideas or queries and the people providing the solutions (referred to as webinars) will be monetizing themselves as per their expertise.


Another way of monetization over this platform is through the sponsored seminars which sounds much better than the previous one when more than 2/3rd of online world wants free flow of knowledge over Internet.


Websites, Ideas, Network.


Also the growth of this platform is centrally dependent on the traffic generated which obviously points to the Web 2.0 core – as many users you gather to your surface is the as much money you generate. Also this website will be providing infrastructure to webmasters for monetizing their websites through Frocca.


A Blog with a purpose


It is kind of unique concept I came across but here only the offline communication medium seems to be helpful in going forward. There is no online medium for generating revenues except the organization/arrangement of sharing of knowledge over different domains in form of forums which is quite unpredictable when there are lot of forums servicing free of cost to tackle user-based problem-subject areas.


Everyone is an expert in something. We want to provide people with an easy to use platform where they can not only share their expertise on a subject but also monetize their skills on the same.
Frocca will be that platform. Frocca will consist of “froccs” which will be blog like mini-websites whose owners can share articles, ideas, tips etc with their audiences. Also incorporated in each frocc will be a mini forum where the owner can answer questions and help readers with their queries related to the froccs main topic.


This idea has been featured on Spigit as one the 25 companies chosen for its launch – can be because of its uniqueness. You can visit this website to get more hold of it.


Another collaborative platform from the same company is about Web 2.0 companies which is Los Creador.

4 thoughts on “A startup about ideas”

  1. Hey Gautam,

    Thanks for that extremely comprehensive review of Frocca. I was pleasantly surprised to come by it.

    You’ve made some very interesting points here and I would love to discuss them further with you. Could you please elaborate on your point below.

    It is kind of unique concept I came across but here only the offline communication medium seems to be helpful in going forward.

    Looking forward to this.

    Clive Fernandes

  2. Hi Clive,

    By offline communication, I meant word of mouth for marketing the concept and taking it further in terms of revenues especially when there is no innovation involved at the programming/development level to make it a unique concept online which can attract more online audience to collaborate. Obviously, to make a product success in online Web 2.0 space, you need a brand new idea along-with novel implementation to draw lots of users, which is missing in case of forcca where you are using WordPress platform for implementing the idea.

    The idea of organizing meetings offline by scheduling them online for discussing the new innovations is what appeared to be unique to me in Web 2.0 space so far. It involves both one to one and collaborative communication which can be a big buzz in terms of social networking and user involvement.

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  4. Hey Gautam,

    Thanks for that explanation. Just wanted to make one clarification. The technology for Frocca is stil being developed. What is on the domain now is only the company blog which will be shifted over to a subdomain once the website is implemented. I thght that was better than just a coming here sign.

    On after thought perhaps not such a bright idea. đŸ™‚

    Clive Fernandes

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