Post to your blog using mobile

Almost everyone come across so many thoughts while traveling and we want to put them over blog…Sometimes, we miss our laptop and other times, Wi-Fi 🙂


Here is a latest startup which is all about tackling with this problem. SpinmyBlog makes you able to post to your blog using your mobile and you don’t need to have any editor. You speak and that is posted to your blog – Voice to Text.


Have you been to the best gig of your life? Spotted a celebrity? Or had a great idea you want to blog about there and then?


Don’t wait until you get home! With Spin-my-Blog™, you can post to your blog from your phone. Speak your new post and SpinVox will convert it to text and send it straight to your site.


Plus, you can publish your SpinVox number on your blog and other people can phone in their comments.

You need to dial one of the four numbers based on in which language, you want to make a blog post (English, French, Spanish or German). There you can record your voice and it will appear on your blog within minutes.



There are also other interesting services offered by parent website – SpinVox.



Presently their services are limited to United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Spain, Canada and France.

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