Yahoo Messenger in browser is here

It is appearing in my browser. Yahoo Web Messenger is accessible within browser – a competitor to in-browser GTalk 🙂



It is flash based and opens at separate URL – the way Meebo works. Still the email integration of Yahoo! Messenger is expected for long time.



Future is online!

Also Yahoo! Mail has rolled out new features and its assistant has been more powerful than before. The advertisement space has been made optional and now you can click on arrow over right bar to hide the advertisement and view message in more space. The pending functionalities in top bar have also been added like now you can move messages in other folders by navigating through Move button in top bar, change View to sort it by multiple options and do lot of more actions by going to More Actions tab.


Also you can select multiple messages in your Yahoo mailbox by just clicking over the check box or select all messages by clicking on From check box. But still unexpected error messages keep appearing while loading yahoo mail in reading pane :(!



Yahoo Groups have also been revamped and a new website has been launched for Yahoo! Groups moderators – moderator central. It is concentrated onto Yahoo! Groups moderators. There are forums, discussions, and there are other Yahoo applications integrated over this website like Yahoo! Answers, Flickr etc. Has Yahoo! made it habit to integrate lot of other applications along-with its new websites? Still Google overpowers it by integrating all its applications but still keeping them as separate identities at a time.


One more question for Yahoo! Answers gurus – Is there any secret behind Yahoo! releasing lot of enhancements and new products at the same time every time?

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