First time I heard this word from my super seniors – the batch of 2001 (ours was batch of 2004). I don’t remember if it was Siddharth Khosla or Ashish Rana or Sandeep Hira but I was told that WATSDAMO is the logo of B.Tech., Punjabi University.


WATSDAMO means –



It is the famous phrase taken from The Tempest from William Shakespeare.


This one word has always been inspiring all the B.Tech. ians throughout the years and has been like a mantra to them.


One person that I can think of after myself, who has always been promoting (I couldn’t find any better word) WATSDAMO is the one who is the only other guy from my alma-mater owing a personal website. He is Siddharth Khosla aka sidkhosla (yes just the way it is netgautam for Nitesh Gautam πŸ™‚ ) who owns sidkhola.com (He had a full fledged developed personal website over this domain sometime long back in past but somehow, this website has been brought down and now all you can see is a landing index page hosted over free hosting service provided by Office Live).


Later in history of our batch, we organized a tech-feast in Punjabi University for first time in 2003. It was named TechDisha and the logo was one of my suggestions (which made me happy πŸ™‚ ). It is pretty obvious but was a bit transformed –





And now there are different landmarks of WATSDAMO which are scattered over Internet here and there and all are created by alumni of B.Tech. ians from Punjabi University – which makes feel proud somewhere in heart if you are a DCSE alumni.


And while I was searching for landmarks, I landed over a video at YouTube titled WATSDAMO and it was of those great guys of 2004 B.Tech. batch roaming in NewYork. I am embedding the video here for just a reference sake (nothing special to look out but Jaggi, Siddharth, Mr. Handa and Karan Sood) –



WATSDAMO – NY – Boston 2005


I know, it is quite random post but I thought of posting the history and marks of this logo because today I was complimented over WATSDAMO logo while I was wearing TechDisha 2003 T-Shirt. Emotional memories of of Alma Mater – they drive you crazy at times.

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