Truth about DIGG

I went through few stories about Digg today and they are mentioning the things which makes DIGG not work the way it is supposed to be.


First entry that I read mentioned that 68% Of Diggs Go Dugg WITHOUT Viewing. With a screen-shot, it has shown a YouTube video getting fewer than 300 views when it was dugg 800+ times.



What does that mean? It means that people kept digging it without even watching it or they just did it after looking at its popularity. Although the commercial which is used as example isn’t that popular and hence isn’t supposed to manage those many Diggs but then number of views make it clear.


The another story is about the news which don’t make it to the front page of Digg with title – Loving Digg…why?. It has also referred to one of the comments on a post of Om Malik about Digg. The blogger says that it is not only about those who miss to be at the front page of Digg but also the huge number of Diggs everyday. For example, if there are about 4000 diggs, you need to browse through 400 pages to see them.

Digg has become a victim of its own success.

Also those making to the front page aren’t the quality stories always. Digg can handle no more than 500 news equably. As per me,

I think that a proper review system in place can solve the quality problem and eventually all major front page problems of Digg.


Have a look at similar website but with different concept all the way – NewsBuffer

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