Added Google AdSense

I had signed for it very long ago but never wanted to go for displaying it on this blog, although I was displaying it on my first ever blog ( which never generated any revenues :D.


The idea of starting adding AdSense on this blog popped up only after I got to see the number of visitors coming to my website everyday. It is in three digits and yesterday, I got max number of visits – 800+ to my website. So I was running short of resources (bandwidth in short) and if I have to go for a bigger plan, it will be better to go for AdSense…after all, I am doing it for the visitors (and of course for myself!!).


Therefore, I think, it is not bad idea if my viewers can find something useful which benefits both of us. And so goes the AdSense.



PS: I checked the load time and there hasn’t been any different in total time taken by index page to load. Rather, I removed un-used plugins to make it load a bit faster.

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