Just for laughs : Rest of India vs Bangalore

It sounds very true to me specially when I think about Infrastructure of Bangalore.





Rest of India


What is a sidewalk?

Shopping center/Homeless Shelter/ Site of temple

Two-wheeler lane


Run on Petrol/CNG

Run on Kerosene

Places where you can fill petrol/Diesel

Petrol Pumps

Petrol Bunks (or Banks)

How do cops stop your vehicle

Wave hand

Stand in front of the moving vehicle

Bribe paid to police if caught without documents

100 Fixed rate

100 normally, 200 or more if you are an IT/Call centre guy.

Worst Enemy



Most Hated person

Pervez Musharraf

Deve Gowda

Reasons for rioting

Religion/ sacking of cricket player


Favourite pastime of residents

Discussing why politicians suck/ why Sourav was dropped?.

Counting potholes

Front Page news

How their undercover reporters exposed MP’s.(Note: Bury the story if your channel/newspaper doesn’t have the exclusive).

Reporting clashes between IT industry and politicians, The Prasad Biddappa(who is he?) summer/winter/monsoon fashion tips.

What News Paper editorials talk about

Is dropping Ganguly good or bad for Indian cricket?.

How closing pubs at 11 affect the IT industry.


English Spoken

With regional accent

With California/New York accent.

Languages Spoken


Every language on the planet.

Reasons for traffic Jams

Cows on the road

Flyover construction/ VIP visiting Infosys.

Land grabbers


Software Companies

Historical Sites

Statues/ Buildings/ Temples

Half constructed Flyovers.

Frequent Complaints about Govt Departments

Corrupt/ Lazy etc

Don’t have websites, Emails bounce


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