I removed Snaps from my blog

Few days ago, I thought of giving a try to snap.com’s cool feature which makes you able to see thumbnail of each and every link on your blog. After using it for few days, I found that it is a cool for the websites which have 2 to 5 links on a single page but when I am embedding couple of images in each post along-with at least one link in every post, it becomes difficult for a visitor to navigate through a page containing about 10 posts. Then the post titles, permanent links etc. are also there.



No matter, how lazily you go through posts, you are captured at one place or other where suddenly a thumbnail pops up even when you don’t want to go for it. At that point, you have to care about the links at every mouse gesture. It appeared to me like an overhead for the readers. Therefore, I am removing it after using it for 3 days. Good bye Snap.

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