Goolge talk in your mobile

If you want to be in touch with your buddies on the go, here is an app – Talkonaut.


Talkonaut is a java based GTalk like app for mobile phones. Talkonaut can be used with any Jabber account, including Google Talk. And that is all for FREE. So you can IM with your GTalk as well as Live Messenger buddies.


Talkonaut is tightly integrated with revolutionary GTalk2VoIP technological service and allows you to use it in a very convenient way. No more text commands to enter


You can download Talkonaut by going to It doesn’t take more than 1 minute. Other way of downloading the Talkonaut via SMS by going to You will be receiving the download link in SMS.


Also, there is cheap VoIP service provided by this website. The rates can be browsed @ Voice-over-IP gateway for GoogleTalk Users.

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