Women make up 38% of HIV+ cases in India

According to the 2006 AIDS epidemic update compiled by UNAIDS and WHO,


Women make up 38% of HIV+ cases in India


  • Over 5.7 million of the 8.6 million people living with HIV in Asia are from India
  • Globally, more women than ever are living with HIV — 17.7 million, up 1 million from 2004
  • In 2006, 2.9 million people died of AIDS-related illnesses
  • In south and southeast Asia, there are 7.8 million HIV+ and there were 860,000 new infections in 2006
  • Only one in eight of those wanting to be tested can be HIV+


There is no harm in showing the condoms Advertisements on television. In fact, everyone should support it after reading these facts.



But of course, there is no mean of promoting XXX Flavoured Condoms, with the catch-line “what is your flavour of the night”, especially in India. Ha.


I support Sharmila Tagore’s words in this respect – “It is not in my purview to ban the ad. But if it was, I would have done so immediately. The ad is being telecast during the Champions Trophy matches, which are watched by everybody, including children. Everybody is complaining, asking me how such an ad can be allowed to run.”

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