Some more quotes from KANK

I found it on some random link and thought of posting these popular dialogues from KANK. After all, Karan Johar makes justification with dialogues, at least.


Kehte hain ke shaadi ki buniyaad sirf beh inteha mohabbat honi chahiye, aur kuch nahin. Kyun agar buniyaad ghalat ho toh rishteh toot jaate hain, jese humare saath hua, saalon baad khushiyaan mili, mohabbat ki manzil bhi mili, par aksar yeh khyaal aate hai ke kaash iss manzil ke raaste tooteh hue dilon se naa guzareh hote.

(It is said that the foundation of marriage should be love and nothing else. Because if the foundations are wrong then relationships break, just like it happened to us, many years later we found happiness, we even found love, but sometimes I wonder, if only hadn’t found our love through broken hearts.)



“You’re an unhappy man and will always be.”
“And you’re a beautiful woman, and will always be.”




“Yea baby, your place or mine?”




Sam: I’m Rishi’s father, in every way.
Dev: I’m Rhea’s husband, in almost every way.


Kuch rishtey hotay hain jahan waqt ke saath saath rishta or bhi gehra ho jaata hai.


(Their some relationships where as time goes by the relatiohnship even gets darker.)




Maya: Tumhari waja se ab ek hafta nahin chal sakti.

(Because of you I won’t be able to walk for a week.)



Dev: Ouch! Tumhari waja se, main zindgai bhar nahin chal sakta.

(Because of you, I can’t walk for the rest of my like.)



Maya: What?

Dev: Hmm…agar tumhe nahin mila hota to meri zindagi ka rukh kuch aur hota, mer zidagi ka dukh kuch aur hota.

(Yes…if I had’nt met you my life would have taken a different path, my life’s pain would have been different.)



Maya: Aur tumhe na mili hoti to meri shaadi nahin hoi hoti.

(And if I had’nt met you I would never have been married.)



Dev: Shaadi..nahin..hoi..hoti? To yeh acchi baat hai ya buri?

(Never..have..been..married? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?)



Maya: Good!


Dev: Good?


Maya: Bad!


Dev: Bad?


Maya: I don’t know!


Dev: I..don.t..know?



Dev: Tum khush ho? Itna waqt nahin le sakti

(Are you happy? You can’t take this much time) (to answer)




Sam: Aap Chandigarh se hain?
(Are you from Chandigarh?)


Kamaljit:Ab yeh aapko kisne baataya

(How do you know that?)


Sam: (Checks out Kamaljit’s butt) Definitely Chandigarh!




Rhea: Kya mujhe darne ki zaroorat hai?


(Do I need to be afraid?)



Dev: Actually, haan hai Rhea, yahan pe sab laug bahut baatein kar rahe hai, rishton ki baatein kar rahe hai, par rishteh baaton se nahin, haalaaton se banteh hai, actually koi nahin jaanta hai ke kyun koi rishton mein phisaltaa hai, kyun rishton ke baad pyaar hota jaata hai, koi nahin jaanta. Mein bhi nahin jaanta ke mere saath esa kyun hua, par hua hai. Rhea mujhe kisi aur ke saath mohabbat ho gayi hai, pyaar hogaya hai, I’m sorry Rhea par yahin sach hai. Aur jis ladki ke saath mohabbat hui hai woh yahin hai, right here… woh Maya hai.

(Actually, yes Rhea you do, everyone here is talking a lot, talking a lot about relationships, but relationships don’t happen by talking they happen by circumstances, actually no one knows why people slip up in relationships, why love happens after relationships, no one knows. Even I don’t why this has happened to me, but it has happened. Rhea I’ve fallen in love with someone else, I’m in love. I’m sorry Rhea but this is the truth. And the girl that I love is right here… she is Maya.)


Dev: Kya hua Mr. Talwar, no sense of humour? I was just joking. (laughs)


(What happened Mr. Talwar, no sense of humour? I was just joking.)

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