Movies I watched lately – The Departed and Bas Ek Pal

The Departed


What a movie it was.


It was last Sunday night when Manas asked me if I will like to go for movie and I was just searching for someone’s company…what else I needed 🙂 He was told by a friend about four star rating given to it by Times Of India and so he was excited to see it. I was also a bit curious that what is there in this movie which made Times Of India give it that rating although the review by Times Of India wasn’t that impressive. It was already 2215 and to go for 2200 show didn’t make sense. The only one show left was at 2330. We thought of giving it a try. And after dinner plus loading ourselves with wool, we were at the destination – Metro mall! Movie starts with some very different kind concept of gangster feeding a child which becomes a cop. Actually the cause for feed is different. Then rest of the story of two cops – one whose father has not a clean cop history and hence he had to face the heat & had to prove himself whereas other is this person linked to gangster who lives life in ruf & tuf way, so he is promoted once after other time. It is the hard reality of life most of the times. there is excessive use of words F and S – and I got the reason why Times Of India gave it 4 starts and the result was showing up from the count of audience. I liked the too much tense ending of this movie where you got to see the bitter reality of cop life. You can’t trust anyone even in FBI. It had made to one of my favorite movies if there had been sensible use of words. I liked brilliant acting of Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact I almost liked his every other movie except Gangs of NY (even I was told by someone that the role played by him in The Aviator resembles with my real life). Matt Damon has ruined his role as much as he could by over-acting.


Rating: 7.5/10 



Another movie that I watched is Euro-Trip.


Bas Ek Pal – at home theatre, with Pankaj. I got very much impression of this movie of being very realistic for first half. One can easily link one’s life with the story. But in second half, you come to know that it is other imagination of director who brings a psyche in movie with whom miss India (Juhi) marries leaving his bright career – are beauties/models that dumb??? And there is a friend (Jimmy) who betrays other (Sanjay Suri/Nikhil) for a girl, because he think that Nikhil is responsible for the act, which Nikhil never committed. Till the end, we were badly disappointed from the movie – we had almost started liking this movie very much specially when Sanjay Suri is there with Juhi, Urmila and Jimmy. It turned out to be complete crap like Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. Good that I didn’t go to PVR for it. Still, its songs touch my heart.


Love is illusion. You are responsible for whatever you do/speak – it doesn’t matter if it is right or wrong. Always take care that no one else take control of your emotions. Everyone in this world is sinister except me :M) because I am the best ;M).


It is always fun while watching movie with Pankaj. Even in such serious movie, he made such  a funny remarks that I kept rolling over floor sometimes…actually we both join our remarks to make anyone laugh over them :). Then in interval, who can forget those soft fluffy pop-corns…mmmmmmmmmm.



Rating: 5/10 


According to Kristopher @ Zooomr,


We are going to become the photo sharing website and social community for the entire world.



But then it was down without any notice – I wanted to upload movie wallpapers but it is down :M( huh. Its bad, Kristopher.


I am an occasional up-loader of my photos @ Zooomr as far as count of my posts is concerned. Think about them who upload photos to Zooomr for their every single post.



Updated (November 20, 2006): Updated post with ratings for movies. I watched The Departed twice. Second time, it was with our project team. That time again, it was my suggestion as I didn’t want to go either for Apna Sapna Money Money (which I watched later at home ) or Vivah or 24 Ghante. Added reviews for the movies.


Zooomr is back again. I uploaded the images and have put in this post. I also noted that my Zooomr pro account has been upgraded from Pro to Pro4Life.Thank you Zooomrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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