Top 8 cities among top 100 most populated cities of world

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau and Times Atlas of the World, tenth edition


Cities with their rank in top 100 most populated cities of world –


3. Mumbai, India – 18,042,000


9. Calcutta, India – 12,900,000


14. Delhi, India – 11,680,000

Hyderabad, India – 6,833,000


32. Chennai, India – 6,639,000


39. Bangalore, India – 5,544,000


57. Almadabad, India – 4,154,000


77. Pune, India – 3,485,000


Now where is this city – Almadabad? Others are metros!


It must me Ahmedabad (and you know, still Google search for Almadabad + India gives 2240 results although that city doesn’t exist – all results are irrelevant. How can we trust Google search in such cases?). I can bet on that because the population of Ahmedabad is claimed to be about 5 million by government authorities and it isn’t in the list. Anyone who is still doubtful?


I surprise, how can such a reputed website can make such silly mistake in such an important census!

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