One website still not opens since that Bloggers Blocked days

There was time when there was stir against blogs being blocked in India.


There were about 17 websites (officially announced by Indian government) which were blocked at that time. I thought of trying opening those websites now and you know what, still there are websites which are blocked. The number is 6 are closed as mentioned below –



And there is the one which is still struggling. It is still blocked by all the major ISPs but you can open it using proxy – and filling the URL –


Or you can try Google Cache for this website as well as other closed websites for knowing what they contained because of which they were blocked.


For example, to see cached, enter cache: in Google search box at


None of them appeared to be destroying harmony any democratic nation but of course, that of UPA government specially the – it is self-explanatory. I am fed up of this government.

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