Fleck is open for public – in beta

Fleck is a purely different service which is about remembering things on web and sharing them with others.

You can see an example by clicking on this icon and adding your comments here – .

Description goes like –


Fleck.com wants to add a new layer of interactivity to the web. Fleck is inspired on a story written in 1945 by Vannevar Bush and an article titled ‘We Are The Web‘ by Kevin Kelly.


Here is how it works –


It is all about a new interface created above the existing Internet without touching it. You can add your comments on any webpage – the way you do when you are reading a journal and keep underlining and writing your comments over its pages. But then it is more. You can share those commented pages with your friends as well as you can save them for yourself – after all you are given a login id for that :). You can do things without even signing up for the service.


There is also a roll-bar which displays the websites which are flecked max number of times along-with the users which flecked them – the Digg factor.


The most annoying thing that appeared to me was that presently, Fleck is compatible with Firefox and not with IE. Perhaps it is for the first time that I have been to a website which isn’t compatible with IE but with other browser. Fleck provides Firefox extension as well as Bookmarklet in order to fleck pages over web.

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