Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is a tool from Adobe Labs for managing and reading digital publications including eBooks.

It is released released in beta version for Windows. It is free. It is built on rich Internet application (RIA) interface. It provides basic features for reading the digital content including search functionality. There is a library section where you can organize your books. You can browse through different chapters in the reader. It supports PDF as well as XML/XHTML publications. Interface is Flash and Flex based.

Now here Adobe is changing definition of term “Beta” when it says that –

The technical term, ‘beta’ software, generally means that the software is feature complete, but not yet fully tested. Adobe Digital Editions beta is actually not yet feature complete, so it is not a beta in the technical sense of the word. However, the general public understands beta to mean ‘unfinished software that is not yet ready to be shipped,’ so we’ve decided to call this a beta.

At least, they know, what beta is :).


The full version will be out somewhere in early 2007. I will be looking forward to it. After all, I am one of the avid lovers of digital media ;M). Right now, using beta to read books with e!

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