A write-up analyzing the reservation trauma in India

I came across this wonderful post which analyzes the reservation in this country posted originally by Ajay Kumar from BHEL, Haridwar. Just pay some attention if you are really serious about reservation being introduced by Congress –


Let us analyse the merit in arguments in favour of reservations one by one.

  1. It is to undo the generations of injustice done by forward classes.
  2. It will remove caste bias.
  3. It provides equality of opportunity.
  4. How can you assume that 80% of population does not have merit?
  5. It is not politically motivated.


Now the pointwise analysis:

  1. If the injustice done by previous generations is to be undone by punishing the next one, then we may hang the son for murder done by his father. By sticking to past, only hatred can be perpetuated, not justice.
  2. How can it do that (remove caste bias) when, we are certifying the individual as backward based on his caste. Rather than removing caste bias it institutionalize & perpetuates it. It introduces branding in humans!!
  3. How can that be true (equality of opportunity), when OBC although can apply in general category seats, while general category can’t do so in reserved seats.
  4. If they do have merit, then quota is not required!! In fact is is really not required for talented ones, whatever may be there caste. I personally know many of the so called OBCs, who made it to IITs despite being from ordinary families. It made them proud of their achievements, got respect, motivated them to excel, which now quota system is going to deprive them off.
  5. Was there any agitation for it? Was this the top priority, over and above population, illiteracy, law & order, Kashmir issue etc? If it is not politically motivated then why not start the reservation system with parliamentary seats. In fact if at all reservation is going to benefit, it is in representation in policy making bodies like parliament, where this may help in ensuring that law does not discriminate against castes & rules are framed keeping in mind the humans & not brand of humans.


Innovation, talent, creativity does not thrive on spoon feeding, it strive on recognition, stimulation & encouragement given by system, least of all discrimination based on caste. But first these traits have to be there in an individual. System must provide for better infrastructural support and aids for underprivileged, which solely depends on their economic conditions. The caste based bias is going to be removed only by upliftment of intellectual ability and not spoon feeding. It will only corrupt the intellect, won’t get respect, perpetuate the discrimination.

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