Everything at one place – Parakey

Next project of guy behind FirefoxBlake Ross. He is up to creating a place where you can keep all your digital things at one place. Presently, if you have to share your high-resolution quality images/photos, you have to go to Flickr or of course, Zooomr. For storing the videos, you will prefer to share them at YouTube. To go for social networking or sharing yourself with others, one will go to Orkut or MySpace. Then you have to keep things organized accordingly on your machine also. Now also, you want to keep a blog for your musings, you will remain busy in linking and organizing the stuff. To make this all work in harmony, it would be better if you have an online operation system referred to as Web Operating System that will capable of doing all functions of an OS.


This open-source project is named as Parakey. Using Parakey, you will no more be switching between your desktop to Internet. It is will be single interface for everything. You will be placing info at one place and it will be available everywhere. You will have control over stuff lying on your PC which you want to share with rest of the world which includes your friends, relatives and obviously hackers also. All they will be able to see your web-page and not any drive or folder. It is about convergence…in short. Wait for it. Inversters are not disclosed but it is going to be a big thing and hence needed a big chunk of money. Perhaps it will include almost everything to manage the digital clutter which matters to you.

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