A new dimension in search…November 7th – Live says

This is what Windows Live Search website says.



Interface way, it is copy of Google. No doubt…I would had liked to see something different there but then Microsoft has history of copying be it the Windows user interface or the Live search 🙂

When you click on the a new dimension in search, you are taken to a very nice interface where you can search for Driving directions, Traffic, Locate me under Local section of Live Local.


 I thought of searching for direction from Gurgaon to Noida – my most frequent travelled way out of Gurgaon. And I was shown very nice directions in graphical as well as the text way like where to take turns and the distances. I hadn’t expected that at all specially when Google Maps fails very badly in searching for a direction in India be it any location…even from Gurgaon to Delhi. Google maps disappoints very badly when it comes for searching ways in India. I was thrilled the way directions were shown in Local Live. You can get distance in Miles or Kilometres as per your convenience. Now I have a map of my way to be travelled.


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