Orkut is almost overtaking myspace

At least in terms of traffic, Orkut seems overtaking MySpace as is clear from the graph below which has been generated using Alexa. And where does Gazzag stands? It is at the bottom, if you can find. So my decision to stick with Orkut is justified πŸ™‚


I have never been to MySpace and Gazzag but I know the way Orkut is growing, it will soon take over MySpace…I believe. And it is evolving day by day. Now you can see lot of advertisements placed by Google on Orkut Community pages. Then the links to search the people of same interests as you are possessing is the newest thing over orkut. Just click on the links to interests in profiles and you will be shown the users and communities which are related to same interests. You don’t need to search for them manually, anymore πŸ™‚

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