Why am I getting so many invitations to Gazzag

Gazzag is another social networking website just like orkut but then there is nothing much new or innovative…if something had been there left for creating a great looking social networking website, believe me, I had gone for that but Orkut covers most of the things. I have been to Gazzag also but then, it is almost a copy of Orkut. All it gives its users to imports contacts from various address books including orkut and that’s why, I am getting 5+ invites everyday. Ok, that’s fine if you are joining Gazzag but you are not going to use 2 networks in parallel – that’s for sure. Then why are you screwing your already existing strong and well maintained orkut network for this new thing?


I don’t know but I am not going to use gazzag for networking at all – and this is official declaration for all my friends.

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