Yesterday’s match and hindi commentators

West Indies defeated India yesterday in Challenger Trophy cricket match. It was India’s second match of tournament. WI has entered in semi-finals where as for India to enter in semis, it will have to win its last league match against Australia – the world champions.


Till the last moment, we (I and daddy) were hoping (and expecting as well) that India will defeat WI…if you had been watching it, you had also become hopeful the way India made turn back in match. At one time, WI needed 56 runs out of 56 balls (9.2 overs) with its 7 wickets in hand and 2 strong batsmen in ground. Then for last over, the requirement became – 5 runs out of 6 balls with 4 wickets in hand. I was literally jumping along with my heart :). Then Agarkar took one more wickets. Last 2 wickets fell in span of 4 balls with Pathan and Agarkar creating the wonders. Then it was a four on 4th ball of Agarkar which made WI win the match by 3 wickets :(. Till that ball, hope was alive). No doubt, it was close fight.


Now few words about our Hindi Commentators on our own DD1. From very start, I have been keen lover of commentary in national language. I always liked to hear the telecast in Hindi till Siddhu and Boycott started commenting – all bcoz of the variation and mixture in commentary. In my view, commentary is not just about the strokes but about the stats, fun, various aspects of sports, interest of people and the things related to sport. There were days when Hindi commentators used to make evone excited out of nothing…Be it is a simple fine stroke and you were made to look closely at TV or hear more attentively to the radio. The pitch of their voice changed constantly switching all of sudden from low to very high tone and than back to medium. You were made thrill about just single four in 6 overs and you started thinking that now surprizes will happen. The speed at which they used to speak and their command over language was just superb. Match was made half won by the words of commentators. But if you, by chance, switch to Hindi Commentary these days, it has lost its glory. That golden time of commentary seems to be over as far as I am concerned. It has become dull and uninteresting. Commentators keep talking about the things which have nothing to do about the match. Commentary turns into their personal discussion and the forecasts about the decisions taken by coach/captain…just yesterday, when commentators started guessing – why Bravo was sent on number 3 and they talked so confidently about the decision as it was taken only after discussing with them. The pitch was constant all the time in the match and commentators were switching to each other as and when they felt short of words. They use very frequently very few pet words like Khaasa/haalanki that you start feeling hatred to these words after listening them again and again. Indian blogger world was buzzing about these words and commentators after last series of India which was telecasted only on DD1. Let me recall the names of commentators – Gurpreet Singh (well known for word khaasa) and Ajay Mehra. Mr. Ajay Mehra don’t forget to compliment even third umpire. When 1st four of the match was given by the third umpire, he didn’t refrained from patting him by saying – “Bohot hi sahi aur badhiya nirnay third umpire ke dwara” Now, it feels torture when you come to know that you will have to watch match only on DD1 :(.

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