Yahoo! Time Capsule

Although it has become a week old news but it is still worth mentioning, at least.

Yahoo! has come up (dead link – Time Capsule focusing on its users, once again. This time it is about making future generations know about you, the world around you in the year of 2006. It has been made available on October 10 till November 8 – for 30 days, for making people present worldwide to contribute their photos, writings, media etc for this anthropology project. As per About page,

This is the first time that digital data will be gathered and preserved for historical purposes.

Going further, answering the question Why, it says –

What will you save and what will you share? Your self-portrait. That home video clip that always makes you smile – or cry. A Top 10 list of predictions for the future. Perhaps the single photograph you could never live without. A list of what makes you angry. A special letter to yourself or to your children – just in case. A special class project. A letter to your lost love or to your boss that you’ll never send. The URL of your favorite blog, web site, or podcast. Perhaps it will be something banal. Perhaps it will be something beautiful. This is your time capsule.

It is about making you part of history as well.

I am a (dead link – part of Time Capsule as a tile here for You and (dead link – here for fun and (dead link – here for anger and (dead link – here for love too :). I have contributed whatever I could. Luckily, I have something to say about me, I have a nice website to contribute and a couple of images/videos.

It is work of a single artist named Jonathan Harris. In his words,

These days, life is lived in short bursts. We dart madly from the house to the car to the train to the office. We check email, voicemail, headlines, and stocks. We absorb web sites, TV, radio, music, movies and gossip, desperately try to keep up. We maintain this crazy pace, tumbling through our 80 years, obsessed with the present, rarely pausing to consider the full arc of life, much less the arc of many lives, lived across many generations. As we dash through our days, expressing ourselves in countless ways, leaving thick trails of footprints, we seldom stop and think about those footprints. We rarely consider the legacy we are leaving behind. But what if we did? What if we were each to choose a small handful of precious thoughts and artifacts to represent our life – a few words, a few pictures, perhaps a drawing or two – and were to put them away somewhere safe, as keepsakes for the future?


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