GDrive is no more any rumor

Proofs about existence of next stirring Google product are floating all over the web and it is no more just a hoax. GDrive is a Google service which is about online storage – the domain in which Google hasn’t entered yet but of course, it is planning to enter in near future.

The recent attempt on proving the existence of GDrive is from Philipp Lenssen who got a leaked copy of GDrive client – Platypus, which is already being used by Google employees but he wasn’t able to login after installing the product (I suspect – some IP checks!). Platypus is the tool which synchronizes the offline files with their online counterparts. It creates another drive in the file system and sits in the taskbar. So far, it has been identified that online users will be getting their share of 500 MB for this purpose. They can store anything in this space ranging from the usual desktop files, project works to media files as the wording from help file goes –

We encourage you to keep all of your files with us, including your Office documents, photos, and personal notes, except for sensitive data (including electronic protected health information) and other files inconsistent with the internal user agreement.

Users are given static URL for storing the files.One can find the Platypus Help files for Windows as well as Linux. A configuration file link is also provided.

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