Track your online competitors in real time

It is going to be one of the next Web 2.0 waves which is about tracking different corps belonging to different categories, online. This one I am discussing about is about competitive corps. (of course from US), is all about tracking your competitors online and it provides more than what you need for that. As the description goes,

Having accurate information about competitors is vital to your company’s ability to maintain its competitive advantage. With a structured way to gather competitive intelligence, your company can maximise opportunity in your market while minimizing the threat of current and potential competitors. Competitious is an easy, confidential way to discover and share competitive information globally across your organization, and stay up-to-date on the competition.

Once you sign up and log in, you start by listing your competitors by creating a project and entering the website address of competitor. In a matter of seconds, the blog of website is fetched and added to the list. You can view recent blog posts, related posts and detailed traffic data (Alexa) by clicking the name but if you add as your competitor, then you are not going to get data or entries but only the blog address. Believe me, I tried it :).

Once you are done with adding competitors, a nice matrix is presented to you comparing them with each other in terms of features. You can even compare the traffic data of different competitors. For each competitor, there is a feature list attached to it. Therefore, features are checked for each competitor when they are added. It is all AJAX spread over the app even the blog entries (powered by Google) are displayed on the same page which can be saved as clippings. Clippings can also be saved for bookmarklets. The comments can also be emailed to the project members at the same time they are added by you.

Sidebar contains the related blog entries for the competitor. Search feature is also provided to search the blog posts.


As there is facility to create different projects, you can categorize your competitors in different groups.



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