Another Google Search Engine – with a difference

Search monster Google has launched another search engine. It is

SearchMash lets you search the internet in new ways. It is constantly evolving as we come up with ideas and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Check out our features page from time to time to see what has changed, and also to tell us which ones are useful to you. Please bear with us when the site is unavailable as we are limiting its use.

Here is how it is different from Google –

  • You don’t have to have your cursor in the search box to start typing your query
  • Click the green URL of a web result to open a menu of options for viewing the URL or refining your query
  • You can see the top three image results next to your web results
  • Click the number next to a result and drag it around to reorder. This is just for fun right now, but we have some ideas for how to use this
  • Click the “more results” bar at the bottom of the page (or hit the space bar) to load more results and automatically scroll down to view them
  • Yep, it is about Web 2.0 as it appears from the interface. Want to know, where is it mentioned that it is part of Google? See images below –

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