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Came to know about this website merapind.com – it is all about villages of Punjab. Punjab is known for its wealthy as well as green villages – the state which brought Green revolution and White revolution. Khokhar (Kirandeep Singh Khokhar) found his village here and sent a link to it – mypind.com/gur/gurPage777.htm. Thank you Kiran for pointing to this website.


It is really an informative as well as interesting website. A website which is maintained by single person – Sunil Sharma who is a resident of Canada but belongs to a village of Punjab. Although the interface is pretty basic on the website but the information is well organized in nice structural manner. A best place to hang out for all those who are nostalgic about their motherland.

 Although it seems to be pretty outdated as the update message shows – 25 new sub tehsil in orange colour are created on December 13,2001 (not updated since 2001) but still people are able to find most of the info now and then as reflects from the guest book entries (which is spammed too!). It was good to visit such a native but informative website after long time and I got remembered of time of 2001 when we used to surf such websites with too less graphics as was our INet lab bandwidth concerned :M).

It seems to be focused only on providing information about the village. That’s it. Even the guestbook is hosted on other website plus few links aren’t working but many such websites focused only on information/knowledge base have records of great successes. All the best to this one.


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  1. this website is great but i thought that u might have some visualls for each village. for example if we want to see how our village looks like now after so many years or show it to the kids that have never been there then i think it would be great if there would be visualls to see.

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