Ahista Ahista

Watched this movie on Tue and this time, for first time, I had my all roomies with me – Puneet and Anuj plus Rajinder. Anish was already there – now I take him for default and so he does for me :). Puneet & Raji were going to any PVR in Gurgaon for first time.
It was 2200 show and we 4 reached JIT (Just In Time ;)) while Anish had bought the tickets. Start showed that it is a true story. So we got more interest. As movie proceeded, we realized that it is really Ahista Ahista (slow)…but there was its own beauty in watching such movie as it had been long time having been to such movie and if it happened to be a big time disappointment as I started feeling with others, it will also be its kind of first in Gurgaon for me. It felt so good to see the places we have been to usually in our Dilli…be it the McD of Connaught Place or the Red Fort. Muzic rocks as I wrote in anotehr post about this movie – Ahista Ahista and Kabhi alvida na kehna.

Abhay looked like a real life guy and dialogues like “it happens only in movies”, “filmy” etc made his character and the scenes more realistic. The story appeared to be a real life like on screen as there wasn’t much glamor, lights, shine or make up…by the interval, we got the subject. Few had started feeling perplexed while I was enjoying so far with some others! After interval, it was all different movie – a guy playing all the fundas to get girl of his dreams which changed his life and a girl falling in love for a guy who did everything for her…and by the end, when they both are set to marry, all agreed, this third guy – her lost love, appears. And we start hating him although he was innocent at his place but who gave him right to try breaking the well-settled story.

Then 3rd guy almost manages to get his love as was feared by Abhay…but we feel more angry for that girl who decides to leave Abhay just for sake of her old love…where the common agreement and her YES went…why she did so…why she tells 3rd guy that she wants Abhay because he was the one who brought her back to life…what was the mistake of 3rd guy…what would Abhay do who was at the place where she made him to reach…who gave her right to shatter his dreams…Well I am pretty confused since Tue evening and don’t know if the end was justified…but still trying to figure out the reason. Pretty interesting end. Although it reminded me Kya Yahi Pyar Hai but still this movie is out of line…zara hat ke. Must watch, if you ask me but can tell if I like it or hate it. And so I can’t rate this movie!
I want to say one thing to my friends. Hey buddies, it was was really great exp with you all.

Today, it was party thrown – as Puneet said, in honor of Ahista Ahista. One thing for sure – it has made to my list of movies which I could never decide if I liked them or not because of similar reasons…but for sure, they are among my favorites. Another only is Devdas.

Jab tak khudai rahe, tere dil pe mera naam rahe

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