Place where you can store your Recepies told to you by your Ganny

Let us get some homely type feeling :Am). Here is another Web 2.0 useful website – RecipeThing which is all about recipes. It provides you nice interface for providing the details about recipes, you know, and then save them. You can edit those recipes anytime.

I know, it will sound awkward to the guys out there, but we also know something…don’t we? We know one or two of them, if not many…and I stored my part, as far as I could, and they are in very naive language. I don’t want anyone to see that but wanted to store it for my reference :D. The introduction goes like –

Are your tried-and-true recipes lying around in emails, Word documents, Crisco-covered cards and crumbling cookbooks? RecipeThing lets you organize your favorite recipes, share them with your friends, and use them again and again.

We’ll also save you time in the kitchen and the grocery store—just tell us what you want to cook this week and what you keep in your pantry, and your shopping list is done! It’s fun, easy, and free.

Perhaps, I decided to go for it because they caught me right there on first page. I had been storing those prescriptions in an online word document on (so that I can refer it anywhere – be it at home, office, camp or some remote place having net connection!). And I am sure, you also must be storing different recipes/recipe books in your mail accounts/documents so that you can prepare few, if not many, of those recipes sometime. What can be a better place to store those delicious recipe details than a website dedicated to recipe thing!

You can see different recipes stored on the website before registering which are tagged with their names/ingredients. There is also a section about users which have been adding most of the recipes.
Once you sign up, on the home page, any random recipe is shown to you which changes on every refresh of the page 🙂

On going to recipes page, you can add new recipes or see already added recipes. To add a recipe, you are asked few details about recipe, which I think, is the best part of website. You are asked about Recipe name (“Grandma’s Pie”), Comments, Source (“Aunt Jean”), Categories (“not tried, Thanksgiving”), Ingredients (one ingredient per line), Directions (one step per line), Prep time, to how many people. I loved adding all these details.

There is Meal Planner, using which you can create a plan for dinner/lunch for the week. You are presented with your recipes along with the days of week. It is nice drag and drop interface, using which you can create plan for different days.

There is pantry section which is described as –

Your RecipeThing pantry keeps track of what food you generally have on hand and what aisle of the grocery store everything lives in, so that when you view a recipe or create a shopping list, you can see what you need to buy.

The easiest way to add to your pantry is to click “Update my pantry” while viewing one of your recipes. You can also click “add an item” below.

So it is all about food. Great website and nice innovation. Although website is still in beta but I didn’t find any major difficulty while adding/planing my recipes ;Am).

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