Drop in frequency of posts

Yes, I accept it that there has been significant drop in the number of posts being posted by me in regular intervals – thanks to all those dear irregular reader who still want me to keep posting the stuff :P.

I wanted to share few good reasons for drop…

One, I am a tech freak and want to share latest in tech than sharing already existing apps or all just to increase the number of posts. I like to discuss the apps which are promising. And there hasn’t been much movement that I have been noticing in this space for last couple of days and it is obvious drop in a space of geek like me when there isn’t much motion in tech-space.

Another major category of my personal interest is Personal and I like things which pertain to me, liked by me et al. Well, there has been tremendous changes happening in my personal life (which of course include my work life) that I haven’t been getting much time to discuss all that…yes that is true…your obligations, duties and work makes you get busier than anything else…sometimes and I am not any exception. OK, I accept that finally I am busy…be it the work (I am still learning GIANT stuff, to add GIANT qualification/talent, believe me it is true, in my portfolio…a proof of learning is that although I am learning and at the same time, I am interviewing people on the same domain – I know it is overwhelming:oops:). So i am in great learning/working phase. On personal front, I am enjoying a lottt cas I can’t live without that…Enjoying life is my motto. Then if you want to get out time out of such busy phase, it is justtttttttt. So apologies on writing front but I love writing.
Well, I have been roaming a lot with friends, enjoying as always, laughing at home – be it getting deep thinking lessons from our playboy/casinova – Rajinder, 2 great engaged roomies trying, helping & encouraging me all the time to get in with someone or my on-site buddy’s memories which makes me feel that I am not only of its kind in this world ;M).

I am not going to quit but going to slower down for a couple of months…I know how does it feel but them, I get reminded of a poster in Kansal’s (Anand Mohan Kansal from Sangrur, Punjab – my batch mate) room from which I used get inspired-

I know I am running late, but still I am running

I am never going to say die…I am hard enough.

And yes, still I am listening to latest muzic. Just today, I downloaded muzic of Aap Ki Khatir and Wo Lamhe.

Today, when more than 50% people of CE were busy in interview, Sid & I were busy to review next sensation of of CE – as referred to by people on the way! Raji you got the choice :). I want to discuss sometime about my unique colleagues cum friends…
Injustice wave is back…and students are locked in jails – The India!

Tri-series was cancelled…disappointingly :(.

Mr. NRN is retired, officially – the brightest face of the org called Infosys and his farewell statement was so simple – it is feeling like…

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