Types of friends of a girl

I kind of fact mail that I got from one of my friends. Although I never got to hear any of these words from any Girl like, Just a friend, Best of the Bestest Friends etc but only one word – Friend…so none of these categories apply to me to say the least but of course after reading this mail, I wud like the last one :D…perhaps some day ;M). No offences meant and I love all my female friends and these facts aren’t always true but still they are facts and not other random thoughts. Sometimes, they happen to be very true, so be aware before becoming any one of these kind of friends. As majority females like to condemn males for their typical habits, here was a shot for letting them know that what kinda stuff guys have to go through to deal with them, in order to keep them happy, most of the times.
They appeared to be very close to reality about girls as the line goes – “Girls’ relationship with guys is a bigger mystery than girls themselves.”

The text enclosed in %% signs is what your female friend likes to refer you as. So here are

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