I got Yahoo Photos beta

Applying a little hack, I got Yahoo! Photos beta which is currently open only for US residents and is planned to be released for rest of the world, late this year. Although, I am able to enjoy the interface and few features but I think that there are multi-layer checks for US residents because of which I am not able to upload photographs nor I am able to view photos, individually. The main features of beta version include, AJAX interface, tag (and tag cloud) support, sleek drag & drop interface, improved slide-shows, storage of full size images (yes, it is there on Yahoo!) and unlimited storage (OK, that was already there). But the thing is that how long will it be there for US residents only??? And what is the link in opening Yahoo! mail beta for UK denizens and Yahoo! Photos beta for US denizens. Another concern is, what is the future of Flickr! which was acquired by Yahoo last year, if it is going to provide tag support and all in its Yahoo! Photos itself? Does it imply to gradual immigration of Flickr users to Yahoo! Photos?

A sneak –

For the beta users, link http://photos.yahoo.com turns into http://new.photos.yahoo.com/

So right now, I am waiting for quick release of Yahoo! Photos for rest of world…only then I will be able to review it completely :M)

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