Pal Bhar Ke Liye and some random thoughts

Feeling like singing this song again and again. I feel like it reveals somthing about me.
Dedicated to…searching…

Pal bhar ke liye koi humein pyaar kar le
Jhoota hi sahi
Do din ke liye koi ikraar kar le
Jhoota hi sahi
Pal bhar …

Humne bahut tujhko chup chupke dekha – 2
Dil pe khichi hai tere kaajal ki rekha
Kaajal ke rekha bani lachhman ki rekha
Ho Ho Ho Ho kaajal ki rekha …
Ram mein kyun tune rawan ko dekha – 2
khade khidki pe . a ae ae ae ae ae
Khade khidki pe jogi sweekar kar le
Jhoota hi sahi
Pal bhar …

Hema: La La La … pyaar kar le

Kishore: Jhoota hi sahi
(Heere se jade tere nain bade,
Jis din se lade tere dar pe pade) – 2
Sun Sunkar teri nahi nahi
Jaa …
Apni nikal jaye naa kahi
Jara haan kah de meri jaan kah de
Meri jaan kah de jara haan kah de
Jab raain pade nahi chain pade
nahi chain pade jab raain pade

Mana tu saare haseeno se haseen hain -2
Apni bhi soorat buri tho nahi hai -2
Kabhi tu bhi
O kabhi tu bhi humara deedar kar le
Jhoota hi sahi

Pal bhar ke pyar pe nisar sara jeevan
Hum vo nahi jo chhod dein tera daaman
Apne Honthon ki hansi hum thjh ko denge
Aansu tere apni aankhon mein lenge
Kabhi tu bhi hamar etbaar kar le
Jhootha hi sahi

Pal bhar …

I have been big music lover ever since start of my graduation…NC/een cee/naresh chander & GP were the personalities who inspired me. And the co-incidence is that we all are from HSP and were having biggest quality music collections among our batches :D. Of course, I got lot of muzic from them only. And typical punjabi songs from Sunjeet Khokhar.
There are songs who makes you feel charged, no matter who much discharged you are…like Gustakh Dil, Neele Neele Amber Par, Ku B Ku, Dil Deewana, Desert Rose, Simrik etc. And when you hear Chharean Di Joon Buri by Jagjit Singh, you get remebered of your bachelorhood condition – your house is running out of gas, no food, things are scattered all around and you are waiting for something to eat :M)

I am giggling after thinking about a promo of Darwaja Band Rakho Agar sabun lagane se rang gora hota to aaj sara Madras Kashmir hota (if soap had been making you fairer, then today whole Madras had been Kashmir).

Coffee plays such a BIG role in keeping yu awaken on first day at work. If it hadn’t been there, I m sure, I had been sleeping all the day, even in meetings.

The advantage of having home near office – you have full control over work and your timings. You can meet your loved ones, do party, have your dinner, and come back to work ;M)

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