And there was going to be another road accident with someone losing his life after someone already lost

Today in morning, Teji was telling me that one of his closest friends was hit from back by a roller crushing his car and costing him his life, on Wed. The fault was, obviously, of Road Roller driver but that nice guy who had just celebrated the silver jubilee of his life, had to lose his life.

And just few moments ago, a guy riding over bike was going very slowly as was the traffic around him and suddenly, he was hit by a fast moving bus making him fall on road and narrowly saving his life. What was the fault of guy – he was waiting for traffic to deplete. And above that, the drive was so rude (Delhi bus driver…bus number starting with DL 1P) that he started blaming that guy until other car owners came out and accused driver for rash driving.

When the drivers in capital of this country are so crude, how can one expect road safety in this country?

Traffic Police??? There was a policeman standing at a distance of few meters but he didn’t brother of getting into all this chronic.

And it had been just another acciden on road, filling a small space in some local paper and that’s it.

“May GOD teach such bastards” – is all one can pray in such country…yup it sounds quite coward but try to live for 25 years here and you will understand, how courageous it is to say this sentence. Anyway, FIR is launched by that poor guy but I know, ultimately he will utter these words only.

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