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Some updates about few bollywood trailors that I have been watching recently –

Woh Lamhe – gives feeling of Gangster when you watch the trailor…and the lead line goes like…For everyone who has loved and lost

Don – A crap trailor as well as ad campaign…The poster and tint is that of Matrix. Fully copied…nothing left. And the music – of Mission Impossible. Over that the boastng like – I am king. So what does Farhan wants to make SRK or what SRK wants to become after changing biggest amount for this movie ever…Tom Cruise :roll:…still it will be much better than Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. I didn’t go to watch this movie, even on CD, as was instructed by everyone who watched it. I didn’t find even a single person who liked it. Let me count, what movie of SRK/Karan Johar have I seen in PVR/Theatre…….mmmmmmmm……mmmm……none. Because none of them resembled real life…and I am always going to remember Rakeysh Mehra and Amir for Rang De Basanti – the hard Indian stroy and going to thank me to watch it in PVR.

But after all, it is SRK and Farhan. So I m going to watch this one.
Aap Ki Khatir – Looking Promising – Akshay Khanna (obviously improving), Priyanka Chopra (getting beautiful) and Dino Moria (:?:)
Iqraar – ????

Pyar Ke Side Effects – Hights of campaigning…item song in a movie featuring Mallika…and Rahul Bose…wow man. Now that is called bread with butter and topings over it :D. Muzic is good.
Rest…don’t remember…perhaps not much appealing.

Watched Anthony Kaun Hai on Wed – the day before holiday of Rakhi. A good story for a person who becames criminal because of circumstances but then gets on right way after following the right way. I liked the scene where Sanjay Dutt asks Arshad Warsi to explain the first arrival of Minnisa Lamba the way Yash Chopra had shown…flying pegion…and this and that and to turn a 1 minute scene into at least of 10 minutes – Typical Drama…The Killer is time pass movie – watched over TV.
Also had been to SISL Annual Day at Taj, Delhi and let me tell you, the RJ know as Nitin is crap who doesn’t hesitate from cracking personal jokes at people like for South Indians, love, crush etc. He is just crap who doesn’t know thing called emotions. I was saved as I was back bencher but those who were the victims, can tell you better. It seemed he was called to make pairs on that day…everything/every play about making couples…ha!

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