The Trip to Uttaranchal\’s Capital and et al

Last weekend was full of fun. It was my first ever trip to the capital of Uttaranchal and it was too much fun except the hot weather of Roorkee.

I was informed by pal Pavan few days ago that we are going to enjoy the weekend at his alma-mater – IIT, Roorkee. His fiancee was there with him. So he wanted to take her to all the beautiful places where he has been to, during his graduation. And so was this trip planned. One other friend of Pavan was also expected to join but at last moment, that one backed up. So remained we 4. First it was adventurous journey to Noida from Office by cab…yup it becomes adventurous when you are ragged – thanks to Akshay and Aparna. I was there at Pavan’s home at 2200 in night after lingering too much here and there, following wrong roads and asking way from wrong people. Finally I was picked by Pavan from Adobe’s main gate. And on the way, Sanjeevan, his friend, was also picked up. As it was too late in night, the plan to leave by night bus was postponed to early morning as Preeti’s mother was also going with us (I know it sounds not less than torture but that is the way it is supposed to…later it was found that she was there just to have presence…nothing else…we had enjoyed as was expected).

First time, I found, how hard it is to get up after sleep of only few couple minutes for a long journey, and that too when you have to wake up at 0400…rather don’t ask me but from Pavan who had tough time awakening me up :D. And so we were there at Roorkee after long travel. Roorkee is a very small town of Uttaranchal and it was my first ever trip to Uttaranchal after the formation of this state. Previously it was part of UP. There is only small bus-stand of Roorkee near the IIT campus.

Pavan’s juniors whom he call Bachche (children) – as do other seniors, were there for rest of the time. It was great time meeting them. One of them, Hina, had arranged everything for stay at IIT Guest House – Khosla Bhavan. Thank you, Hina. There building names are suffixed with Bhavan. After small time…I, Pavan and Preeti went out meeting other bachche/juniors of Pavan. University of Roorkee campus is so big and green – it just reminded me of my univ. It is well planned and managed. I was surprised by the departmental structures, roads and residential areas – they are so well designed and build.
First day, we went to Rishikesh. I was visiting this place after 18 years (and I was recalling the time, I had visited this place for first time with my family). We enjoyed Lakshman Jhoola – the swinging bridge, and then we were inside flowing water for next couple of hours…playing with water and sand, dancing and enjoying. It was so pleasant feeling out there when water was flowing alongside and we were witnessing another rainbow in formation.

By eve, we were back on our way to Roorkee after we got fully tired. We had dinner at one of the finest restaurants of Roorkee in night and then fell back on hot beds. Till morning, we had no conscious.

Next day, plan was to go to Dehradoon but we had to delay it post-afternoon because of too much heat outside. In the meantime, Pavan showed me the campus – the Student’s home, Nescafe, departments and the main building – it is just the materpiece of architecture, which was built before independence. This time, we were going to miss company of Hina (:() and Aunty (:)). As soon as we landed in Doon, we got the difference. The weather was sooo pleasant…I got remembered of Bangalore and realized, why Doon is called Bangalore of North India. It was fun-filled time to the Robber’s cave – it is named so because long ago, when it wasn’t found, it was used by robbers to hide-out. The scene of cave is too beautiful – water flowing out of it from inside, a typical robber’s den. You need to wear floaters with Jean-T, if you want to enjoy this beauty to the fullest. In the center of cave, while going towards the end through water, you find 75% of yourself inside the water. By that time, your everything is drenched…yes everything :MD :M(. At the end, it is a fall from where water is flowing through the cave. And behind that, it is big mountain and scenic beauty where you can click as many different shots as you want.

After spending some time out there, we 3 came out after about 2 hours of our journey. It was so adventurous to go through the water inside the cave, balancing and searching for the way. We had food and Maggi as we had started feeling too hungry by that time. After some rest and flicks outside cave and inside water, we called it the day. Returned to the base camp i.e. Roorkee. It was 2200 when we returned and Pavan\’s bachche were waiting for him at dinner. They included his dance group mates as well as juniors. By the time, we were at our room, it was too late to leave for Delhi. So we decided to get up early in morning and take the bus. I & Pavan went around Roorkee campus and saw few more locations, saw his hostel and grounds where he used to pass his most of the time. Next morning, it wasn’t early get up and we found ourselves running out of time…finally and ultimately, we were at work on Monday after exciting journey of the state called Uttaranchal.

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